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Heroes and Role Models

The Coward

Jen was getting very annoyed the other night while watching the news, and the winners of the AFL Grand Final being called (and treated as) heroes. I know I hate the idea, and I think that being good at something you are paid to do, but with no real consequences doesn’t make you a hero.

I was reading the article linked at the top of the post the other day (be aware the navigation is non-standard – you’ll need to hit the next button at the bottom of the page to continue reading) and there it was, what I was feeling put into words: those people are role models, not heroes (and not necessarily good role models either).

The whole article is pretty good, it is from The Escapist, an online magazine about computer games (but not reviews and things, more interesting articles – well written for the most part), I download the pdf every Saturday (which includes the bonus two articles attached for the weekend) as it is far easier to read in that format than in it’s crazy html incarnation.

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50% of my ears aren’t working

As in the right one shut down last night.

A week or so ago I tried using some ear-drops to get rid of some wax build up in my ears. That seemed to have worked, however some of the liquid got caught in my ear and I have slowly been losing the ability to hear from the right side of my head. Last night, my ear finally gave up, and I am now half-deaf (yes, I have tried grabbing my nose and blowing, and yawning etc – which works for about a second and a half).

It’s very wierd, I can hear my body very loudly (such as talking, breathing and the slight rubbing of clothes on skin as I move) but I’m finding it very difficult to hear things outside my body (which is good as I can get to sleep without hearing Mat crying :)) but it means I have to ask people to repeat what they are saying all the time (which sucks).

I should probably just go see a doctor and get the crud syringed out, but it’s kind of cool to experience aural life this way…


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Bubba Ho-Tep

Elvis and John F. Kennedy team up to save a nursing home from an ancient Egyptian mummy .

It wasn’t as good as I was expecting, and Jen pretty much hated it.

Bruce Campbell is an excellent Elvis, he does a great job of portraying an old, zimmer-frame bearing Elvis Presley. You can really believe that it is actually the King wandering around the nursing home.

Ossie Davis is JFK. Yes, he is black. The justification for this had both Jen and I in stitches for ages, one of two really funny points in the movie (the other is the translation of the heiroglyph graffiti in the visitor’s toilet).

The basic synopsis of the movie is as follows: Elvis switches places with an impersonator and then breaks his hip, landing him in a nursing home. Jack says he is the former US president, dyed black, with a bag of sand in his head, convinced Lyndon Johnson is trying to kill him. Maybe he is… we’ll probably never know for sure. The two of them join forces to hunt down and kill an ancient Egyptian mummy that is sucking the nursing home’s residents’ souls out through their buttocks. That’s about it. Wierd, but sounds like my kind of film.

The movie was seriously let down by it’s fascination with Elvis’… um, little Elvis, and the pus-filled growth thereon. The opening lines in the movie basically put Jen off completely and set the tone for the whole movie. It’s pretty crude, although there are some genuinely funny moments in there too. There are also a few very touching moments, and some fantastic acting by all involved, but in the end it all just didn’t grab me as it could have.

Would I recommend it? Probably not. The few good lines are great, but the rest of the movie just isn’t as wonderful as I’d hoped. The fact that I heard only good things about it back in 2002, combined with three years of waiting for it to finally arrive in Australia meant that the hype that had built around it just wasn’t matched by the final product.

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Cure Adultitis

So reads the inscription scrawled in the front of the book I found sitting on the – I don’t actually know what it’s called – that sits just inside our front door last night. Sounds like a worthy challenge.

I love getting packages in the mail, even when they are expected, especially when they are free.

And I was even more happy to receive a book that sounded like it was written just for me. Once the envelope had been ripped open and the contents laid out on the – thing, I took a quick flick through and registered my first impressions:

Look – Red, in a very primary-colour kind of way. The cover only hints at what lies within, without any out-and-out cartoons that might deter those who need to read this book most.
Feel – The cover is very smooth with sharp corners. Once inside though, strong, thick pages that make you feel like you’ve skipped a page when you turn them and ink that is raised off the page. You can feel the very print on the pages. I love that.
Smell – Neutral, doesn’t have the musty smell of old books, or the sharp tang of the numerous catalogues that somehow make it past our recycling bin.
Taste – Licking books is something I won’t be doing. Again. Leaves a nasty mark and weakens the pages, so I don’t know what the book tastes like. Maybe ask Mat if he gets his hands on it (and once he learns to speak).

Escape Adulthood was written by the Champion of Childhood, Jason Kotecki. I don’t know who dubbed him thus, but he seems pretty determined to cure Adultitis and return dreary grown-ups to the land they used to inhabit as children, so the title seems pretty apt.

The whole book reads like he has been watching my life and writing down my story. Life is too short to fritter it away worrying about things you can’t change and to stress over things that aren’t really important, so why bother doing that. Instead, you can re-discover what it is that makes young children so innocent and stress-free, and do likewise. The whole book is just so… obvious, once you read it, that to ignore the ideas within is to resign yourself to a grey, dull, monotonous life.

Read it. And then do it. Not much more I can really say.

The end of each chapter contains a bunch of tips to try, and so, to conclude, I leave a few tips of my own:

  • Slide down the bannisters. Nothing is more fun than landing a full-length staircase slide and letting everyone know about it.
  • Smile at people. So many people grumping all the time, an unrequested smile can brighten up someone’s whole day.
  • Laugh more. There’s plenty to laugh at – try pulling faces at kids. Or adults.
  • Name your own constellations. There’s plenty of stars and they can all do with names. The splattered cat, the shopping trolley, the saucepan. One day you’ll have named enough to navigate by these.

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By Doze!

Well, God has smitten me with a bad case of rhinorrhea.
Not real fun, and it kept Jen awake for a large part of the night, she said she’d try and find something for it at the chemist. It’s not comfortable for me either.

Hope everyone else can avoid it.

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Burn Baby, Burn

Feed Baby, Feed.

UPDATE:If that link doesn’t open up your feed aggregator, try using instead (thanks Jason).

I’ve changed my RSS feed links to use FeedBurner so I can get stats on how many people read my RSS. Could anyone who is currently getting my RSS feed please subscribe to the feedburner feed instead now please?


So, while I’m talking about stats, I’ve also added a stats plugin to wordpress to provide some small statistics details. For instance, someone came here looking for a rodeo in Australia, someone looking up cityrail complaints, and someone else looking for political correctness (I know my site probably wasn’t all too useful to you guys, but thanks for visiting!).

Definitely some interesting referrals there.
In other google-related news Jason Kotecki who wrote Escape Adulthood emailed me this morning after finding my comments on his manifesto via google. I ranked higher than he did for the phrase ‘escaping adulthood‘, and he has offered me a review copy of his book. So look forward to the review once it arrives. Suffice to say, that email really made my morning :).

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