Heroes and Role Models

The Coward

Jen was getting very annoyed the other night while watching the news, and the winners of the AFL Grand Final being called (and treated as) heroes. I know I hate the idea, and I think that being good at something you are paid to do, but with no real consequences doesn’t make you a hero.

I was reading the article linked at the top of the post the other day (be aware the navigation is non-standard – you’ll need to hit the next button at the bottom of the page to continue reading) and there it was, what I was feeling put into words: those people are role models, not heroes (and not necessarily good role models either).

The whole article is pretty good, it is from The Escapist, an online magazine about computer games (but not reviews and things, more interesting articles – well written for the most part), I download the pdf every Saturday (which includes the bonus two articles attached for the weekend) as it is far easier to read in that format than in it’s crazy html incarnation.

RodeoClown: hopes he’d run up the stairs in a fire.