Beware of Midgets in Disguise! (T.G.E – Part 8 of 40)

The Escape Plan

I have been asked by Kim and Jason to take part in their Adultitis Escape Plan, a 40-day plan to become more childlike (not childish)
and to reduce stress and prevent dullness, depression and [insert
another word beginning with ‘d’ here]. Of course I’m gonna do it.

Dreary-ness, that begins with ‘D’.

The eighth task: Draw a funny picture and hide it in an unexpected place for someone else to find.

As soon as I heard this task, I knew exactly where I wanted to put this picture. What I didn’t know was what to draw. Anyway, it struck me while I was listening to the Ricky Gervais Podcast * , I would draw a warning sign. And that warning sign is as follows:

Beware of Midgets in Disguise * *

The next person to sit down in the first toilet cubicle at work will have that masterpiece to stare at while they do their ‘busy-work’.

Woo! This plan is 20% done!

RodeoClown: is keeping his eyes peeled for midgets. In disguise.

Note: This podcast is very (very) funny (see this additional warning) but it contains some swearing and some quite rude topics of conversation. It is just about the funniest thing I have ever heard in my life – espescially Monkey News.

*Note: This is supposed to be two midgets dressing in a long coat to disguise themselves. But you all knew that. Didn’t you?

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Beware of Midgets in Disguise! (T.G.E – Part 8 of 40)

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