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  1. Tracy

    Are you sure that you need 100w bulbs? I find that the 60w are usually adequate. One problem with those bulbs is that they are so much larger than regular ones. They often won’t fit into the fixture that you want to put it in. The lesser wattage bulbs are smaller.

  2. RodeoClown Post author

    In Australia, all the bulbs are the same size (as far as I can tell – I’ve never had a fitting problem). We’ve only got two socket types for light bulbs (and one of them is almost gone now).

    The 60W (and equivalent) globes are very dim, they hurt my eyes when I try and read at night under them.

  3. Tracy

    Oh, sorry, I mean the length of the bulb part of it. The socket end is the same, but the bulb is so long. If your light has a cover, the cover may not fit over it. the 100w eq. cfb is quite a bit longer than the others. have you seen them?

    I have very few light fixtures that I can actually use one in because they all have glass covers that don’t allow enough space.

  4. RodeoClown Post author

    Ah, OK. Now I know what you mean :)

    All of our lights are either completely exposed, or have an opening in the bottom, either way it won’t be a problem.


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