Alone on the Job

You Need a Budget

It’s 4:25am.
Dark outside, can’t sleep.
In 5 minutes, I open Flash Builder and officially start my new job.
My workmates aren’t around – they are on a plane. No snakes.
When they land, it will still be Sunday. For them.
I’m alone in my office and it begins.

RodeoClown: do You Need A Budget?

Myths of Innovation

The Myths of Innovation is now out in paperback. There’s a bunch of cruft that has built up around ideas and how they are generated. Most of it is garbage. The book outlines how innovations actually occur, and how to go about getting and developing ideas. A great read, especially if you work with ideas (or want to).

It comes with the Rodeo Stamp of Approval(tm) (and that isn’t just because my name is printed in the acknowledgements).

Here are two free chapters to whet your appetite. Then once you’ve read those, you can grab the rest here:

RodeoClown: like a mole, digging in a hole.

A Question For My (Ancient) Greek Speaking Friends

In Revelation 5:6, it says the slain-looking lamb has “seven horns and seven eyes”. In the Greek, is it made clear whether this means the lamb had 7 eyes where I have 2 (i.e. they are an attribute) , or does it mean he had 7 eyes and 7 horns like I might have 7 peanuts and 7 pistachios (a possession)?

The difference has an implication as to whether his worthiness to open the sealed scroll is implicit in his being, or whether it is in response to what he has done.

RodeoClown: likes to imagine the 7 seals on the scroll perform clever tricks for fish.

Beggars Can Be Choosers?

I’m never really sure how to deal with the large number of homeless people abound on the streets of the Sydney CBD. Today I talked to a young lady who had a sign saying she needed help to get back to Nowra. I asked her if I could buy her a train ticket to get back there. She didn’t want it. I’ve offered to buy food for several homeless men, and I’ve been knocked back because they just want money (I’ve also met very grateful men who asked if I had any money for food and were more than happy for me to buy them lunch instead). Today I saw another homeless man turn down a feed from someone else.

I don’t want to give money directly, as friends who have worked with charity organisations have told me that it just makes their (both the homeless and the charity’s) problem worse. But I know God is definitely not happy with just ignoring the poor either.

What do you do?

RodeoClown: What should you do?

Two Firsts

Two firsts today:
1 – First time Jesse broke down our bedroom door.
2 – First time Matty cried at the end of a movie.

RodeoClown:it was The Land Before Time. So it’s understandable.

Lunch With a Hobbit

I just got back from lunch with Ben, who described himself in an email to me this morning as a ‘painfully handsome hobbit with a chip on his shoulder’. That description made him extremely easy to spot when he came round the corner.

We had a nice lunch, ended up having a drink and chips at Sweeney’s, and while we were talking they came round with a plate of fruit for us. That was odd.

Anyway Ben, thanks for making the trip – I hope you didn’t get fired for getting back to work late!Piratical

RodeoClown: pensive pirate.

Two Videos You Should Watch

The title says it all. These two videos are fantastic, and you should watch them.

First: Kseniya Simonova wins Ukraine’s Got Talent and when you watch this, you will see why.

So, you just watched Germany conquering Ukraine in the second world war. IN SAND. I got it from The Guardian.

Second: Stand By Me. Played by a bunch of street performers around the world. Much cheerier that video 1, but just as amazing.

From Gizmodo

RodeoClown: has talent?